This area of the website covers features and processes connected with the website. It is, in effect, a manual of operations that will allow you to get the best out of the membership of the website.


Anyone who views the website without logging in is effectively public. A member of the public can generally view all areas of the site which have not been restricted in some way. Usually, the public are allows to see out Gallery, view our Videos, read general articles on our productions and some of our blogs and forums.


Anyone who is an existing IAC member, or a member of an IAC affiliated club is permitted to registered fully with The Video Players website without specifically joining the club. Registered members see more than Public, including ongoing productions but there will also be areas that are still restricted.


Any fully fledged, subscribing member of The Video Players have full access to all contents of the website. This is true whether you choose to attend physical meetings or purely operate as an on-line participant in club affairs. As a full member you are also entitled to your own blog and member profile.